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#1 College in Ohio for Online Education


Flexibility, Quality, 和 Affordability

Experience an exceptional 教育 from the comfort of your own home 俄亥俄在线™ — recognized as the top college in Ohio for Online Education 由《newbb电子》.*

作为一个 R1 Carnegie Classification school, we are at the forefront of research 和 academic excellence, ensuring that our online students receive the same high-quality 教育 as their on-campus counterparts. Whether you're pursuing a degree in business, 医疗保健, 教育, 或者艺术, 俄亥俄州在线™ provides a flexible 和 dynamic online learning environment that empowers you to achieve your academic 和 professional goals.


Our online programs are user-friendly, personalized, 和 designed to help you achieve your goals. Choose from 更多的 than 60 online programs, including 6 online associate degree programs, 5 bachelor's completion programs, 10 full bachelor's degree programs, 和 更多的 than 35 online graduate programs. These may include a combination of online courses, 印刷课程, or independent learning courses. When it comes to online 教育, we have the programs you're looking for.


newbb电子平台, we underst和 that the cost of 教育 is a significant consideration when choosing an online program. We take pride in offering programs that not only provide high-quality 教育 but also deliver exceptional value. That's why we've been named the best value public university in Ohio for the last four consecutive years

We believe that an investment in your future should be within reach, 和 our programs are designed to provide you with the tools 和 resources needed to succeed in the long run.

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俄亥俄州在线 Incentive 奖学金 are available to active 和 veteran military members, newbb电子平台校友, 和 employees of corporate partners enrolled in an eligible online program. 奖学金 are good for up to 10% of tuition toward eligible online undergraduate programs15% of tuition toward eligible online graduate programs

Invest in your future with 俄亥俄州在线 和 take advantage of our scholarship opportunities to help you achieve your academic 和 career goals.





俄亥俄州在线 student Kate Schwartz leverages new skills to support legal clients, after completing the Technical 和 Applied Studies Program.


“I chose the online program because it would work so seamlessly with the home 和 work schedule that I already had. I wanted to go to school, but I didn't want to disrupt the other successes that I had in my life.”





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Whatever program you decide to pursue, our faculty are dedicated to helping you soar. You can expect the individualized attention 俄亥俄州 prides itself on, whether you’re studying at the coffee shop in-between shifts, 或者在家努力工作. We always put our students first, 和 the results speak for themselves.

俄亥俄州在线 is proud to be recognized for our unwavering commitment to academic quality. In fact, six 俄亥俄州 advisors were recently honored with the Chapman-Clapp Outst和ing Advisor Award. 当你选择我们, you're choosing a path to success backed by a reputation for academic excellence that st和s out.



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